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  • In need of tennis strategies

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    I do an almost identical strategy and selection process on WTA so thought I’d create my own filter using @Ryan advice here. Works well, thank you!

    Player Matches Won >= 0
    Category WTA-Singles
    Scope Last 10 Matches
    ✅ Restrict To Same Surface Type





    In the second and third images image you can see I’ve gone through the list of qualifying selections and identified the favourites by checking the match odds first, then checking if they have an equal or lower amount of wins to the underdog and selected them to download. I do this by percentage so for the highlighted the match, for each players last 10 matches on the same surface type, the favourite has a 40% win rate and the underdog a 70% win rate. Nice.

    You can then dive as deep as you like in to further match analysis. In the forth image you can see that on Breaks of Serve in the past 10 matches, the underdog has broken serve first 50% of the time and the favourite 40%.
    For this strategy I am probably going to discard any matches where the underdog compares badly to the favourite on this statistic.

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    @Martin Hi, thanks yes i think I’ll have to do this as you say to find out. I track the trades so in time should be able to.

    I think getting out of a losing trade with the smallest loss could be something i focus more on rather than staying in for slightly greater wins. Kind of the same thing but the opposite.

  • 2022 Tennis Trading Thread

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    @declan-henderson I used to be, spent 14 years doing it. Happy to help on that sport was my fave sport to trade.

  • Women's Challengers?

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    @mrs-h-m-price yes they will be the lower level women’s tournaments are usually ITF events e.g itf ototec although there may not be a market for a lot of these.

    SofaScore and Flashscore categorise the tournaments better than Betfair

  • Filter Required

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    Thanks all, I did actually stumble on this afterwards, but great to have comfirmation.

  • Laying the 1st Set

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    @andrew-findlater Games will probably pick up next week when post Wimbledon tournaments start.

    Also the filters your referring to are odds dependent and may not qualify

    The only game in the fixtures is the mens final tomorrow which will qualify for Ryan's 33/44 filter tomorrow.

  • Getting into Tennis

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    Recap of the week end

    Otte - Berrettini

    Layed Berrettini after the first set, Otte did not have a chance ended
    -0,2 points

    Medved - Mannarino

    Layed Medved during the 2nd set when game 4-2 for Medved,Mannarino got the break back and went 5-5,
    cash out for a +0.5 Profit

    Evans - Thompson
    Layed Evans begginign of the 2nd set,Thompson lost the serve ,Layed Evans again and Thompson got the Break back,5th game Thompson went 40-0
    cash out for +0,4 profit

    Zeng - Wang Layed Zeng during the 2nd set when 3-3 @1.19 Wang won the break and close the 2nd set winning

    Cash out for +1.2 profit

    Murray - Berrettini

    Layed Berrettini at the beggining of the 2nd,Murray won the 2nd set
    Cash out for a profit +0.8

    All the players that I have layed Won the game but I ended up in +2.7p
    There is a Room in the Tennis which makes me exited to get into more than before.

    My risk as always been between 0.3/0.6p so that shows huge potential.
    I had to watch to game and be on top of it,as a game can be easily lost even if a players goes 40-0.Had to be there and ready to intervene.
    Downside you can watch the game but you need to watch the score as well as picture are delayed and a second can mean lose. So not really exited to watch a game knowing the score ahead.But once out of the trade I have ended up watching the game fully and enjoy.

    New tournament starting from tomorrow.Definitely something to look forward

  • Laying The Underdog...

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    @ryan it makes sense totally and football is a sport I have followed for over 50 years

  • Laying The Favourite

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    @chris-osborne Hey thats really good advice about the WTA, and confirms my own thinking from watching both types of match, so thanks for that.

  • Novak Djokovic will not play in the ATP Cup

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    @johnnys blown the market wide open now!!

  • Tennis section of software

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    @ryan-carruthers said in Tennis section of software:

    @kevin-pepper its just uploading buddy be about an hour


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    thanks for this! hopefully get the tennis chat up a bit too 🙂

  • Martin's Tennis Trading Notes

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    @martin-futter yes doing mine matey putting up on tennis thread @Louis-Lamprell

  • Lay the Fav 1st Set 3-3 / 4-4

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    @steven-wolfe Still use this when the matches allow buddy, you tried?

  • Ryan's Tennis Trading Notes

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    0_1515665160772_Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.00.00.png

    Looking at this game it looks to me like Lopez is value, firstly on a ranking perspective he is streets ahead, his hold % is quite high and higher than the court average where his opponents is lower than the average.

    Key to Figs

    P1 Break - price if P1 broke P2
    P1SW - price is P1 won set
    P2 Break - price is P2 broke P1
    P2 SW - price is P2 won set

    Average hold - is the % of average hold at this tournament

    P1 SG W - P1 service games w in %
    P1 RG W - P1 return games w in %
    P1 Serving - according to the serving % won are they a good or bad server

    P2 SG W - P2 service games w in %
    P2 RG W - P2 return games w in %
    P2 Serving - according to the serving % win are they a good or bad server

  • 2018 ATP & WTA Tour Dates....

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