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  • BTC Cricket Trading Thread

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    NZ ENG
    Ok my 1.17 lay not miles off
    Prob reduce risk if gets 1.2 and may green up 1.4’s

    Perfect example of holding till later overs
    As low as 1.04 classic

  • The Open Championship - Golf

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    @Craig-vaulks shaping up very nicely!

  • Golf Trading on Betfair

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    @stephen-oleary not yet. I may set up another bot to compare different odds.

  • Good golf stats website

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    @dan-peacey PGA tour one is obvious but very good for stats.

  • Golf software

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    @andrew-macdonald They do matey! Its great, I love playing around with it

  • The Open 2019

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    Gutted that is over, a big golf comp over a weekend is amazing and there is nothing better to be fair is there!!

    Looong wait now till The Masters.

    How shocking was that final round by JB.....

  • 2019 Cricket Trading Thread

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    Never watched a game of cricket before and thought match-fixing might be involved here. until today!
    Naib's decision to bowl himself those last two overs when Shinwari had literally just bowled an over for 2 runs and had 2 overs left. Then he "missed" a run out in the last over resulting in an overthrow. Oh and lets not forget Asghar Afghan's hilarious "drop" near the end. Mindblowing.

  • 2019 PGA Tour

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    I am a keen golfer and have traded it a little bit more for fun than anything, but always looking at it.

    I agree with you on Bryson, I love him and his swing but I don't agree with all the hype around him.

  • The Open 2018

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    @ryan-carruthers yeah good bud! Still making money even though it’s been quieter which is a good sign 👍🏼 Can’t wait for the return of proper football though!

  • US Masters 2018

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    @nathan-bennett I love this way of trading, golf winners market!

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  • Martin's Cricket Trading Notes

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    Weekend Previews

    South Africa v India - 4pm 24th Feb, Cape Town, T20

    South Africa failed to defend 169 here last time a T20 was played in Cape Town
    SA failed badly to chase 303 in the 50 over game played here v India getting bowled out for 179
    Not much data here scorewise to make many predictions on high or low but you expect 180+ to be the target
    Series tied at 1-1 after SA chased 180+ with ease last time out
    New Zealand v England - 1am 25th Feb, Hamilton, ODI 50 overs

    Only played one 50 over ODI in the least two and a half years
    Winning scores in England were always over 300
    Strong batting line ups face weak bowling line ups again
    NZ chased 263 with ease here in January vs a decent bowling side in Pakistan
    Last three chasing teams have won with ease chasing under 300
    Potentially a high scoring classic here, chasers will fancy chasing a big total