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  • Example Spreadsheet To Use

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  • BetDaq

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    @alexander-hughes It's been a long time since I used it to be honest. I guess the BD version hasn't had the same development as the BF one, but surely a basic bot should be transferable

  • Bot help Over 2.5 goals

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    Just got them to fire.. I'm going to monitor to see if they are what I want...

    Thanks for your help

    Rgds Mark

  • First time BF Bot user help

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    That's brilliant thanks..

    Yes I want to place a bet in the o 2.5 goal market when these odds are 1.6-1.95

    Match odds to source these are home as favourite with odds between 1.6 -1.95.

    Yes I've uploaded match odds and o 2.5 markets...

    Thanks for your help

    Rgds Mark

  • Paying For BFBM

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    @Alan-Dawson said in Paying For BFBM:

    @Keith-Driscoll thanks but i still cant see 3 months for 48 and getting 12 months. Can i get 12 months for £48 is what im asking?

    You need to pay with PayPal, and select their Pay In 3 option, if it is available on your PP account. It has nothing to do with BFBM. 😄

  • This topic is deleted!

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  • Trouble connecting BTC to BFBM

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    @Paul-Foster all sorted now. Thanks for your help

  • Daily Task Planner

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    For anyone that had already downloaded the original file you might want to re-download the "Daily Trading List.xlsm" as I have updated some of the coding in there.

    Originally after the Macro was run it auto sorted the Columns by Start Time and then Subject. But I realised that all my BTC Filters were set for that day (as it suits my personal routine). Therefore if people have filters for the following days it didn't sort by date for them. I have now changed this so when the Macro is run it will pull all the selections then sort by Date then Time then Subject.

    Hopefully that makes it a bit more efficient for anyone else wishing to use it.

    If anyone wants to suggest any improvements/amendments I am always willing to take feedback onboard. Something that works for the majority would be great.

  • League filter/preset question

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    @eero-tarik hi mate, if you get any more q's ask them in this thread you created or here:

    Welcome! Great to have you here.

    You have to do that manually and while it is a bit of a pain the problem with a preset one is some leagues work better for different strategies. Like who are we to say what a major Euro league is? Your opinion on that will likely be different to mine.

    In fact, I would suggest when you create a strategy to test all leagues to start with and only eliminate leagues when they are clearly not working. That is the best way to find the leagues that suit your strategy.

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    I used to use Microsoft Access (or similar for free), rather than Excel.

  • Backtesting

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    @Miha-Povhe ... My humble opinion is as follows ...

    Use websites to check form and stats and build a Excel sheet with data for your method.

    Or use the stats-software with your filter and check the results.

    Pro & Cons is that both are time consuming but the gain to become profitable and getting an edge is priceless as you will be creating independence and financial freedom.

    One way is free and has limits and the other way serve everything on a silver plate for a monthly fee.

    So the question is ... For me ... Yes i take around 10 selection a day by hand using free websites ... Because i want the power to manually select and pick winners ... That way the btc stats software become bonus and making life more easy ... But i know i will manage if btc would Vanish one day.

    I put several hours each day collecting data and simulate my results.

    Here is one example and some feedback.
    Project Ryans Split.

    Websites Soocerway and Betexplorer

    First check form
    Away/Home over 70% O1.5 goals
    Away/Home BTTS over 50%
    50% or above O2.5 goals for both Home/Away
    30-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 goals over 0% timings

    At the moment the results look promising
    After 200 trades i will put them into simulation software
    Time 1 to 1.5 Month

  • Spreadsheet Creation for Data Analysis

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    @martin no problem let me have the details as to what you want and the data by email or in My Private Coaching area and I’ll see what I can do

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    @angus-macleod Not even gaming matey Macs are like £1200 for £600 you can get a mental PC with loads of power.

    Ahhhh yes it is a pain but I've always had one so I sort of had to make it work and then I got used to trading the way I do 🙂

  • BF Bot Manager

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    @Martin Can you shut this thread? I've got a current one going, that people can find via my signature etc.

  • Using Spreadsheets to Improve Trading

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    @daniel-mills thanks time has beaten me at the minute from a work point of view but should be able to look at over next few days,

    Your right excel will be a combination of lookups and sumif(s) or at a push pivot tables although there hideous things in my opinion.

  • Betdaq v Smarkets As a Betfair Alternative

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    @dan-mackinnon Betangel have a betdaq solution but not sure about the site themselves

  • Football software

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    Can you post this one in the football support thread on this one then Adam will be able to sort it buddy.

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    Bet Angel does a BetDaq version. Does that help.

  • Staking Discussion

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    Great thread this buddy, very good. Needed as well. Interesting point in laying as well, I wonder how many people have blown banks laying mainly or backing?

    Laying can get you in a whole world of trouble, it's important to work through the staking - love this thread.

  • Spreadsheet/tools for managing trades.

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    @martyn-hemmens said in Spreadsheet/tools for managing trades.:

    Hi, can’t seem to find any advice on how you keep track of your trades, different spreadsheets for different types of trade, or a single one, any pointers would be apppreciated, you can guess by the post I’m new to trading, thanks,

    Hey Martin. I use this "Betting Tracker Worksheet" offered for free download at Australia Sports Betting
    -GoogleSheets Version:
    -Excel Version:

    After trying dozens of simple and complex SpreadSheets Templates and those by my own craft; this is the one.

    You can record as a category(s) and subcategory(s):
    -Bankroll, deposits, withdrawal.

    You can filter results of your TradeHistory, by Sport, by Market, by SubMarkets, by Strategy, etc.

    I just work with Football, so I use that "category" to customize my strategies, and below the three, markets. Is fully adaptable to take out columns that not suit you. And add some columns for any specific data you need to keep track for every trade.

    Keeping monitored you ReturnOfInvestment, Yield and BankRollover gives you a huge idea where you can improve or trash strategies, cut Losses, focus on ProfitableMarkets, etc.

    Give a look and let me know any doubt. I did a few tweaks, to keep it simple and robust at the same time. An right now im adding BTCMembers strategies that i worked with, coz im new in this community.

    I will be glad to offer you/any a Screenshot or ScreenAudioVideo meeting if its required. Because it would be overwhelming at first sight.