Hi all!

New member here, hello! I joined maybe a week or so ago, but have only really started playing round with the horse racing stats today as wanted to get a strategy in place for the beginning of the month. I am taking Ryan's advice and focusing on one strategy and take the time to figure what will suit me. I looked at Martin's back the fav strategy as the profit looked good, but am not sure I am ready for that mentally with the losses. I saw his video yesterday on laying the 10 pacers and figured I would give that one a go.

Here is the strategy - 0_1667255952465_laypacegeldings.json

I changed the pace rating to 8, took out most of the courses that had a % win rate that was lower than 20% (left a couple that didn't have that that many trades on). Also filtered a few other things such as chase and hurdle races and geldings. I also kept the price between 2-6, to minimise the potential loss.

The back testing looks good with 10% ROI so hoping that it does well this month.

I am really grateful for this software as I wouldn't know where to start creating a trading strategy without it.

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@dan-mackinnon @Ryan Thanks both, I think I am going to give fairbot a go.

It's funny Peter Webb was the first person I found and was looking into getting into scalping. I think he is OK but can completely understand why some people might not like him. It's perhaps the subtle smugness and accent haha. Glad I came here first rather than started scalping.

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@luke-seddon I see Dan answered very well.

I personally use Fairbot and have used it for years. I run a Mac though and its harder to get stuff on here, Fairbot works for me with another app installed.

I love Fairbot, always have. Andrei is really nice bloke who runs it. He loves the product too so always helpful.

I havent tested their automation for horses yet but 100% something I will when I find something to automate.

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@luke-seddon hi Luke, welcome to BTC. I’m loving the horse racing at the moment so hope you find it as exciting.

As for software, they all have advantages and disadvantages. I would recommend getting one of each on a free trial and see what you like.

The pricing is roughly the same, I think it goes Fairbot, BfBot Manager and then Bet Angel from cheapest to most expensive.

I personally use Fairbot, it’s easy to understand and quick at placing trades, but you can only use 1 bot per market (which gets a bit tricky with the horses if you want to expand into multiple strategies). BFBM you can use multiple strategies on one market but it’s slightly slower. Bet Angel is meant to be good for scalping as it’s quick but a lot of people say it’s automation is too complicated. I don’t know what their support is like, but FB and BFBM is really good for that and they usually respond the same day. I also can’t stand that Peter Webb bloke so try to avoid anything bet Angel related!

Hope that was of some help

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@ryan Thank you! I have been enjoying your guys content particularly around mindset so really want to take things steady as you guys suggest. I am in no rush.

There is actually, tomorrow 3rd Nov is the first day with 14 potential trades, which has meant I have cancelled a meeting to make sure I am around for them in the afternoon so was wondering if you could recommend any automation software that is easy to use, wouldn't mind it to be on the cheaper side as not looking to use much except be able to automate the bets.

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These are posts I like to see, top marks from me for starting strong buddy.

I’ll be watching your progress, anything I can help with?

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@luke-seddon amazing thanks for sharing! Keep me updated on how you get on

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