I seem to be doing better than anticipated with the U3.5 but I've noticed how very few games touch the 5.5 threshold.Trading on this market goes south of 1.09 so doesn't get any attention. However betting here would give a much better chance of a positive result.

However, if you put a large enough stake under 5.5 it becomes worthwhile!

I'll be checking that out tomorrow. Payday baby!

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@andrew-gordon totally get you Andrew. However, these are games that id never bet against, especially Liverpool vs Bournemouth... an obvious mismatch .

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@julian-drake-clarke this scares me, it only takes a couple of losses for this to hurt and they come.

There are better and safer ways to make this work.

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@julian-drake-clarke may be worth posting these thread in the football thread instead, more people will see them 🙂

this strategy sounds very risky!

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Liverpool 9 nil and Man city 6 nil in the last few days would have been a massive hit on your bank lol

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