Layed PAK at 1.07, got out at 1.15, now Backed at 1.19

Level 69

@stuart-wallace hate holidays ha massive lay for a free
Roll missed good luck
Change INNS PAK if 1.04 like would be another huge lay
Might phone a friend ha

Level 102

NED v PAK today at Rotterdam. Weather looks good all day.

Ready to lay PAK if they bat first, until Babar comes in. Possibly lay NED if they bat first, with Shaheen toe-crushers. Edwards best batter in NED line-up by some way.

Level 69

ENG v SA i am treading carefully, for 3 reasons....

  1. Historically, along with Antigua and Sydney, Lords has one of the highest avergaes for draws.
  2. The weather will likely mean a flat track
  3. Lords always brings another 5 per cent out of the opposition.

However, draw price looks attractive at 3.7.
Might look for LTD at start of innings then back when Duke ball goes soft after 20 overs, as has been the case all summer.
Weather looks uninterrupted all through Test.

Just read that...

  1. SA are current Test league leaders having not lost a series all year
  2. Rabada is doubtful for first Test

However, they got smashed by an innings by the Lions earlier this month.
Also just noticed some rain around on first day, then clear after. So, expect draw price to shorten until about 16.00 on day 1.

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ENG SA Hello draw price hopefully can hook into real low odds
Holidays are great and all but punting trading where it’s at ha

Level 102

I've been looking into a strategy where you'd lay a short price favourite if the bowl first... seems to have some potential as I've been finding that in the first innings powerplay there are often less wickets than the second innings PP (especially when teams are chasing big numbers).

You could certainly see out the first few overs, see how aggressively or not the underdogs are batting, and how easily boundaries are scored, and then lay the bowling side with an exit at either your chosen profit or the end of the innings.

Level 63

Not trading inbetween flights but I see UAE dominating USA
USA may not be impossible to make 2,3:1 on a trade late in UAE INNS and when USA bat

Just saying

Level 102

The UAE league has the same team owners as the IPL I think (as does the South Africa league). Are they gunning for a T20 world monopoly?

Level 22

not trading related, but i notice there is a new T20 league starting in UAE next year, which clashes with the OZ BBL, where several regulars of the BBL , such as Andre Russell, Hales,Vince, and several others have signed up.
Cricket Australia apparently not very happy !

Level 69

@stuart-henry Clearly trading going well for you guys ! 🙂

Level 69

Looking at Bang v Zim at the moment. Considering that Zim won the last match (and the T20) series, 1.2 Bang seems far too low after 9 overs. Having a Lay, let’s see some wickets please.

Level 22

@stuart-henry yeah on way to Bangkok from Singapore now 3 nights central then 2 nights bush ha. Phuket KL on way home … well yeah we likely be doing stuff ev day but if there’s an evening night window where chilling at a bar etc I’ll give ya a msg through the chat

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@nathan-bennett where are you off to? In Bangkok, Thailand from Tuesday and then to Udon Thani for a few weeks after a few days seeing family. If you are anywhere close by, come say hello!
Taking my computer but the internet isnt the best at the house, so it may be better to not trade at all .

Level 13

could be absent for couple weeks off to asia and doubt be able trade .., back for day 4 or 5 ENG SA test
classic 18th over IND W INNS and favs .., ENG easy back and get out over 3 there batting INNS
trip funded haha (#notquite)

good luck all

Level 102

Eng v Ind W.

Available pre match for 1.41 which I feel is value. Eng in tremendous form with bat and ball, so have taken some of that to scalp pre match/toss.

Level 63

likely some late swings
1.78 wow
squared up massive ROI way too good to not bank

will play the swings late perhaps

Left some money behind here out too soon ha
Small lay ZIM now see if bang can stop bowling pies

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things you love to see

Level 30

Make this market s**t itself couple t20 batters to come that were great other night

what a partnership taken market 1.03-1.63 dripping out filling up

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