@stuart-henry Clearly trading going well for you guys ! 🙂

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Looking at Bang v Zim at the moment. Considering that Zim won the last match (and the T20) series, 1.2 Bang seems far too low after 9 overs. Having a Lay, let’s see some wickets please.

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@stuart-henry yeah on way to Bangkok from Singapore now 3 nights central then 2 nights bush ha. Phuket KL on way home … well yeah we likely be doing stuff ev day but if there’s an evening night window where chilling at a bar etc I’ll give ya a msg through the chat

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@nathan-bennett where are you off to? In Bangkok, Thailand from Tuesday and then to Udon Thani for a few weeks after a few days seeing family. If you are anywhere close by, come say hello!
Taking my computer but the internet isnt the best at the house, so it may be better to not trade at all .

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could be absent for couple weeks off to asia and doubt be able trade .., back for day 4 or 5 ENG SA test
classic 18th over IND W INNS and favs .., ENG easy back and get out over 3 there batting INNS
trip funded haha (#notquite)

good luck all

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Eng v Ind W.

Available pre match for 1.41 which I feel is value. Eng in tremendous form with bat and ball, so have taken some of that to scalp pre match/toss.

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likely some late swings
1.78 wow
squared up massive ROI way too good to not bank

will play the swings late perhaps

Left some money behind here out too soon ha
Small lay ZIM now see if bang can stop bowling pies

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things you love to see

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Make this market s**t itself couple t20 batters to come that were great other night

what a partnership taken market 1.03-1.63 dripping out filling up

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@nathan-bennett yeah i get that. I often think what I would deem value and start there... like with NZ later, 1.09 is no good, but give me 1.2 - 1.3 and I'd be happy with that.
However really depends on the toss this one. If NZ bat first I can see them drifting a little but if they bowl first I don't expect much movement upwards.

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@matt-ayles 1.4 did seem fat i just cant start a trade backing low odds on , uppercut myself if goes pear rather lose this way ha

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@nathan-bennett amazing how 2 people can trade the exact same numbers, i just backed Bangladesh at 1.4 first then exited at 1.19 lol.

Will be waiting on the toss for NZ. If they bat first again they may lose early wickets, but if they bowl first there's every chance they take early wickets and the price never drifts...

Also got Ireland v SA later too.

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Also have queued a lay 1.09
Think could repeat like game one and see higher
1.3’s be nice

Taken some 1.10 to LAY

Backed half liability lay stake 1.15 NZ

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BANG 1.19 first lay another late in INNS if odds similar
Hoping to get some insurance 1.35-1.40

Locked some green and rolling now big result

Couldn't help 1.12 add another lay while BANG are none down .., likely go on to boss the INNS hope for swings would take stake back 1.2's this trade

Taken 1.24 that invest

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@matt-ayles Thanks for this Matt.
Must admit, i am treading very carefully with regard to 100, not likely to do any trading til i can understand teams/overseas players/any other variables - but it is so volatile you have to be on the ball

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Yeah, I got out for a small profit. I noticed yesterday that NZ were about 1.03 prematch but shot out to 1.15 after the toss. Could be some low risk value in this competition.

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@luke-weston said in BTC Cricket Trading Thread:

Morning everyone. Not been around for a while. Currently watching the Aus v Pak women. Had a big lay of Aus at 1.01 prematch, liability now removed. Hoping for a couple more wickets now!

Yeah this is one of those double or nothing matches where you can lay at 1.01 pre match and exit at 1.02 should it get there (often does).

I think they touched 1.04 but its key not to be too greedy as these kinds of matches don't often drift too far in the market. Aus well on top now, back in to 1.01 lay only.

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Morning everyone. Not been around for a while. Currently watching the Aus v Pak women. Had a big lay of Aus at 1.01 prematch, liability now removed. Hoping for a couple more wickets now!

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Very quick piece of analysis before tomorrow's Hundred begins. Its a totally unique format and I'd advise caution trading (as there are a large number of variables I have not yet investigated such as lineup changes/availability and the fact each team plays the other just once bar local rivals and those who were at home last season will be away this etc).

However, perhaps this will be useful, even if purely to get the research started:

Ground scoring averages!

Old Trafford 111
Headingly 152
Edgbaston 137
Trent Bridge 138
Sophia Gardens 153
Lords 138
The Oval 137
Ageas Bowl 142

Old Trafford 116
Headingly 126
Edgbaston 132
Trent Bridge 127
Sophia Gardens 108
Lords 122
The Oval 116
Ageas Bowl 129

I've factored in those that were rain impacted... there weren't very many.

This is just during the league phase not knockouts.

Just gives you an idea which grounds were higher scoring and the types of scores typically achieved in 100 balls.

Also for reference the highest scoring matches were Headingly for men, 341 runs total and Lords for women 284 runs total. Lowest non rain impacted matches were Old Trafford for men, 167 total runs and Lords again for women with 190 total runs.

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