As expected, little to no swing, this takes away some of Indias power... i have had a back of England at 1.75, looking to exit between 1.4 - 1.5 and will reassess.

If England set anything between 250-300 I'd expect their odds to be around 1.6 which may be a value lay if India can get in... but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

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Small bet
runs under 302

Level 93

India won the toss and bowl...

I honestly can't see England doing as badly as the other day... however I'm not confident enough to have a pre-match trade.

Trading plan however remains the same, see how the powerplay goes. Average at Lords of only mid 200s but i think these teams are better than that, on a sunny hot day etc.

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There was a time many years ago when i had a Celtic home win v Dunfermline to complete my ACCA. Celtic were top, and had won every home game that season, Dunfermline were bottom without a win...what happened... of course,Dunfermline won 1-0. The following week it was the same fixture in the cup and Celtic won 7-0.
The moral of the story is that since then i have swerved all trading with a Scottish theme. Until today.!!
Thanks Scotland for effing up my day again. Cant even beat Nepal - this is almost the Cricket equivalent of Celtic v Dunfermline. Mothers!

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@stuart-wallace yeah green taken. That went as hoped.

Nothing else in the diary for me today, back for another crack at England tomorrow.

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Sorta as expected, WIN struggling against the spin, currently 44-4

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Looks like Scotland have decided to mimic England's performance yesterday, currently 51/6 against Nepal

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Did a little bit of analysis on the WI v BAN game...

Rain is forecast.

A lot (about 50 per cent) of the games at Guyana over the last 10 ODI's have resulted in sub 200 scores for the batting team, with spin being in dominance.

WI have only won 1 of last 5 ODI's, BAN 3.

My play is likely to be to lay the team batting first, in view of the low scores and also that team batting second tends to get an advantage in shortened games. And/or take Matts advice and take the value trade of WI lay.

Might be a game to keep a close eye on the D/L.

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WI v Bangladesh.

Seems this is the one format the Windies simply don't like. The last game saw them plod along at test level run rates, losing wickets regularly. Bangladesh however have a good record in ODIs.

I think an initial lay of the Windies would be a value play.

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@matt-ayles said in BTC Cricket Trading Thread:

@stuart-wallace yes it can. I had a bad day today. Thought England were value early on given the players they had to come. Trade never recovered. Some red numbers today.

Having reflected on this overnight, i don't think it was a bad trade. I think variance kicked my *ss but there's no way you could have predicted England flop like that.

India, in my opinion, have the best bowling lineup on the international stage. However, how many of those England players are amongst the best batters in the world? Most of them played in the IPL, Buttler won the orange cap etc... so it wasn't unrealistic to think they'd recover and at least post a half decent total.

Seeing as India won the toss and chose to bowl, you could argue backing them would have been value but they were around 1.5 i think after Roy fell, and if England had smashed 6s all around the park that would have gone wrong...

Anyway, we move on!

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Any views on WI v BAN game tomorrow?
Odds not great on WI , Back odds of 1.53 at present.

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@stuart-wallace yes it can. I had a bad day today. Thought England were value early on given the players they had to come. Trade never recovered. Some red numbers today.

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Well, what do i know ! 🙂

SOooo lucky today, was going to exit after Roy wicket, but wi-fi was playing up and couldnt get on. When i did get on ,ENG were 5 down , and my India back at 1.96 had slipped to 1.15 ...happy days...and all purely by accident.
Really shows that you need totally repsonsive internet to do this successfully, else next time it could go the other way.

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Backed ENG to get 255 or more

Good night lol

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waiting to be convinced in a IRE partnership to really launch
odds are very low to lay nz could be stale for a bit
have had a small lay 1.10
1.25 would be great for some back

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ENG v IND ODI today at the Oval.

With recent heatwave and the Ovals propensity for runs, this should def be a 300+ par.
First team to bat will have an advantage, however, ENG like to chase, so maybe my new theory about backing the opposition pre game then exit at ball1 i might try . IND currently slight favourites at 1.96
IMO, ENG look weak in bowling dept, however, incredibly strong in the batting with Bairstow,Root and Buttler (excluding recent T20 results !) in the form of their lives .


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@nathan-bennett agree Nathan. Gotta love Tests - my biggest earner - by long,long way !

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@matt-ayles Ha ha.
What a turnaround! , and a result within 4 days.
There i was this morning before work looking at it and worried about my draw lay position at Lunch in the game, and then i came home from work at lunchtime here, and find the game is over
! Brilliant ! Again, staring at a big red most of the game, but patience pays in the end.
Just gotta keep away from laying ENgland from now on 🙂

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@stuart-henry said in BTC Cricket Trading Thread:

Australia will be lucky to survive day 4

That they didn't!!! Epic draw lay there.

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