Just joined last night but was late in the day so left this till this morning. I am a retired Network Engineer with a fair amount of experience on Betfair, all I need now is to make some money 🙂 I use Bet Angel for automation and will be testing an automation file today for O 1.5 (Ryans Split Stake). Wish me Luck.

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@john-blackwood Welcome.

It's great to have you here, looking forward to seeing your progress - we have a pretty active thread on BetAngel automation so think you'll fit in well!

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@martin Had some difficulty with CS 0-0 indicating a goal has been scored so changed it to the new Market Condition value introduced in the latest Bet Angel Version. All paper testing done now and it goes live tonight with minimum £1 (x2) Stakes.

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@john-blackwood welcome great to have you here! Good luck keep me updated on how it goes 🙂

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