New Member - Zac from London

New Member - Zac from London
very new to football trading 5/6 months
i have been self employed most of my life and am nearly 60 yo
i joined btc bc honestly trading is not easy so the all round package with btc is going to prove invaluable im sure.
i hope to get the benefits of been able to reach out to someone at all times and the filters im most looking forward too.
im not reliant solely on trading i have another income but as im more or less retired id like to supplement my income with something like this at my leisure and keep me occupied..

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@ryan Hi Ryan i found you on you tube as i have been watching alot of videos these past 6 mths or so. i was really impressed when i checked out your site and what it offers i feel im ready to tackle trading in a completely different way now i have all these tools to hand. But first i have to learn about the filters so i can create formulas to stick to and improve my chances every time i trade, that is what im most looking forward to actually but i cant rush it as im completely new to sports trading let alone the btc site and what it has to offer.
I have followed all your steps on the introduction video and taken it all in i hope lol, im now moving onto becoming familiar with the dashboard stats,strategies,filters etc.
Thanks for all your help so far.

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@karl-pick Hi Karl yes im really looking forward to everything, been really impressed with the site but obviously alot to take in. No rush though its fun and educational learning for me so far

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I'm in the same boat and only been here a month, it's very interesting and enlightening with the strategies and opitions available!
Good luck and hope you can make it work.
Some of the football strategies are well worth a follow and are a brilliant base to adapt your own thoughts and ideas.

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Great to have you here, where did you find out about us?

Have you started watching the getting started videos?

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