@james-woodroffe were they unmatched or just didn't place inrunning?

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So I “thought” I’d set up BetTrader to automatically kick in the races that I had selected from yesterday and woke up to discover that I’d obviously done something wrong and none of them were activated. Like you
@Alan-Steward i have overslept big time. Something I was thinking tho was I wonder even though the courses I mentioned yesterday were where the liquidity by rights should have been, if the fact that they were between 2:30 and 5:00 am would have made a difference? Maybe the liquidity is at some of the lesser courses after a particular time of morning cause it’s more trade friendly hours??

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just got up anyone been trading Aus with any success?

Massive oversleep for me too late for anything lol

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Lay the Field Shortlist - These races could fit the parameters make sure they do before trading!

(Lay the field inrunning at odds of 1.81 or 2.04. 1250m-1650m distance, fav must be 4.0+, 4+ horses at 10.0 odds or below and 9+ runners. At least 50k matched before off)

8.14am Ascot - Aus

8.25am Caulfield - Aus

8.32am Alice Springs - Aus

8.40am Morphettville - Aus

9.40am Toowoomba - Aus

10.15am Toowoomba - Aus

5.15pm Tampa - USA

7.15pm Tampa - USA

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just got up anyone been trading Aus with any success?

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@james-woodroffe Massive effort mate... Awesome!

Thanks 👍

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@james-woodroffe Nice one mate really useful information. Really helps us Brits

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@james-woodroffe Nice one James, will be watching these with interest.

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Hey guys, so I hope this helps this is for the Oz racing tomorrow. I’ve found 5 races that fit Martins LTF strategy all at major Australian race tracks in capital cities for tomorrow. Apologies in advance for mentioning metres but they all are min 6 furlongs.

Randwick Race 2 03:10am 1400m

Caulfield Race 9 08:25am 16:00m

Morphetville Race 4 05:21am 1250m (large field)
Race 9 08:40am 1400m 7 of 14 starters at 10.0 or under and 2 currently at 12.00

Ascot Race 7 08:14 1600m 5 of 13 runners at 10.0 or under

These next ones are races at the same venues but where the favourite is under 4.0 but could hit 4.00 by the off.

Caulfield 04:35

Morphetville Race 1 03:35 and Race 5 at 06:01 (Fav 3.65 and 8 of 9 runners at or under 10.0

Ascot Race 6 07:38 Fav 3.40 5 runners at or under 10.0 in a field of 12.

Newcastle Race 5 05:54 1850m

Hope we get a few here lads.

@alan-steward I can do that. Time is something I have an abundance of at the moment.

@james-woodroffe As the Aussie races are quite early are you able to look the day before?

Cheers mate... Only if you get time

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@alan-steward hey mate I could do that as well
as possibly a Don’t Bother for each day if it helps. There’s a lot of horse racing each day in Oz but a lot in random s**t holes. Would be happy to help.

@james-woodroffe Hi mate as you know all things Aussie, are you able to compile a list of the more notable courses or are there too many to mention lol

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@Martin-Futter Did you consider the last race to be potentially profitable and did you enter?

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Going thru those 3 cards for tomorrow and there are not huge amounts that would fit the criteria but there are a few mainly at Morphetville.

@martin-futter describing Kalgoolie as a back water is an understatement. 😉😂Even the races from my home town were up on Betfair the other day and I thought I must have dreamt that. Massive day tomorrow tho as it’s Sydney Cup at Randwick and there’s cards at Morphetville (Adelaide) and Caulfield (Melbourne).

@claudiu-ion I believe theres 8% tax in some of their races so I look for 1.92 & lay 1.088pts which should scratch with 2 matched... Be interesting to see how profitable these different odds work out 👍

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Simulation, odds at 2.04

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@claudiu-ion Interesting that you had 3 matched... At what odds?

Also, were you in live mode or simulation?

I'm using 1.92 for evens

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There wasn't enough horses matched under 10 in the last race (09:55) but looks like it could have produced 0.4pts green... Sorry, correction only poss 0.132pts green, had 2 matched in simulation mode... Typical lol

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